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Jolanda Jones
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MAGA Republicans broke it.
Together, we can fix it.

- State Representative Jolanda Jones

Jolanda Jones knows Texas belongs to us – all of us.


The MAGA Republicans in charge have broken health care and public education. They’ve cut the funding that pays to keep us safe from crime – and then lied about it. They’ve made a mess of the economy and made corporations and campaign contributors even richer. They’ve tried to rewrite Black history and tear apart LGBTQ+ families. They can’t even keep the lights on when it freezes.

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Jolanda Jones

Republicans may have broken our government but they can’t break Jolanda Jones. Authentic and unafraid, Jolanda will never give up, never give in, and never stop fighting for Texas.

Jolanda rose from a childhood of poverty to the Academic All American Hall of Fame, a successful career as an attorney reforming our criminal justice system, and a life of service as a successful city council member, school board member, Democratic Party leader and devoted mom.

Today, Jolanda is the state representative for the historic Texas House District 147. She is our champion for affordable health care – including abortion care – better jobs, safer streets and stronger schools. Jolanda is fighting every day to keep our families safe – not just from crime, but also from the politicians in Austin whose first priority is re-electing Donald Trump.  

Meet Jolanda
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Jolanda Jones won three national college championships to break Olympic champion Jackie Joyner Kersee's record of two NCAA titles and become the top-rated U.S. heptathlete. Now Jolanda is carrying the torch to Austin to be a champion for affordable health care, better jobs, safer streets and stronger schools – for all of us.

On November 5,
vote for
our champion:

Re-Elect Democrat
State Representative
Jolanda Jones


With Jolanda Jones on our side, we stand a fighting chance in Austin. Jolanda Jones will carry the torch to Austin to protect our right to vote, expand access to affordable health care, give our kids a first-class education, and more.

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Voting Rights:
Opposing any unnecessary barriers to voting

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Ensuring health care is affordable and accessible to all Texans

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Public Education:
Get the TEA out of HISD


Public Safety & Criminal Justice Reform:
Fighting for our kids, families and seniors


Women’s Health: 
Empowering women’s bodies, voices and rights

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Economic Development:
Advancing small and minority-owned businesses

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Supporting the development of safe roadways and resilient communities

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